Our Company Nanotech - Europe is an authorized distributor of NanoLub® IF-WS2  lubricants  based on nanoparticles of Nanotech Industrial Solutions Company , the only manufacturer of nanoparticles and submicron’s with spherical particles of inorganic fullerene type such as tungsten disulphide. These revolutionary particles were first created in 1992 by Professor Reshef Tenn at the Weizmann Science Institute in Israel.

In addition to distribution, we are engaged in cooperation with our partner in developing new applications based on WS2 nanoparticles by blending and packaging products we supply.

NanoLub® IF-WS2 products are a technological highlight in the field of tribology and are patent-protected.

We offer a wide range of uses in:

  • Process fluids, oils and greases in engineering
  • Process fluid for metal forming
  • Automotive motor and gear oils and greases
  • Power Engineering, Railway, Heavy Engineering, Mining, Defense, but also in space exploration...

Using NanoLub® IF-WS2 will bring you significant financial savings due to increased performance and service life of your equipment and substantial maintenance costs savings as well as reduced unexpected downtime.

A summary of all the benefits are:

  • Significant Reduction in Wear and Friction
  • Optimized Performance
  • Extended Application Life
  • Fewer Service Requirements
  • Improved Energy Efficiency
  • Improved Operation Costs
  • Increased Generated Power Output
  • It will  reduce your costs and/or downtime, from 3 to 35%

Pls. take contact if you like more infomation.

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