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Cyber Security Assessment Service

Invensys reduces safety risks


Invensys has a new cyber security assessment service to help its customers understand the risks that might impact the safety and reliability of their operations.

The assessment, which includes the following service elements, allows Invensys to develop a unique and customized approach to addressing security issues:

Site and system assessment: A site review and system-specific vulnerabilities. The results of the assessment are provided in a conclusive report highlighting critical assets, vulnerabilities and risks.

Compliance assessment: Invensys addresses compliance status by reviewing operations and processes against required corporate compliance standards.

Establish security baseline: A security baseline allows customers to gauge progress against current status and operating models for security.

Service Overview:
• Comprehensive approach is the vital first step in determining your security requirements;
• Baseline and benchmark the security of your critical assets;
• Appropriate and applicable industry standards, government regulations and mandates;
• Identification and assessment of the risks that could impact your control system operation;
• Gap analysis highlights and recommends mitigation necessary to improve security;
• Assess policies, procedures and technical measures;
• Vendor-neutral and applicable to all control systems and their interconnections.

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