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with adjustable paddles


Generously sized paddles, adjustable in both height and
pitch, create a homogeneous mixture and an hygienic
process. The details in development and engineering make
the difference in this conditioner, manufactured entirely from
stainless steel.


  • Homogeneous mixing and hygienic process
  • Optimum absorption of steam and liquids
  • Robust construction of the housing
  • Easy to clean
  • Longer maintenance intervals
  • Simple design


  • All components that come into contact with the product
  • are manufactured from stainless steel
  • Solid mixer shaft with interchangeable paddles, adjustable
  • in both height and pitch
  • Built-in scrapers at endplates
  • Mixer shaft approx. 300 rpm
  • Stuffing box sealings on mixer shaft
  • Closed shaft bearings on spacers outside the housing
  • Directly driven by gear motor, suitable for frequency control
  • Large inspection hatches with safety switch
  • Temperature sensor PT 100
  • 1 Steam inlet 3” and 2 liquid inlets 1½”

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Ottevanger Milling Engineers
Mengers, schudders

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