AC & DC Power Solutions ranging from 1kW over 500kW

The High Power range of Power Supplies with capabilities over 1,000W


The High Power range of Power Supplies with capabilities over 1,000W, including:

  • Liquid Cooled: As the name implies, liquid cooled Power Supplies use water to cool down the system, resulting in immense power capabilities with little noise.
  • Air Cooled: Air cooled supplies use fans to cool the module. They offer high power capabilities and flexible input voltage ranges.
  • Outdoor Sealed: Our environmentally sealed power modules (ESPMs) are watertight and corrosion resistant for use in demanding applications.

Key Specifications:

Common markets for commercial Power Supplies include:

  • Semiconductor Equipment Manufacturers: Use our high-power modules in applications including ion implantation, wire bonders, hardware emulators and more.
  • Industrial Systems Suppliers: Increase the productivity of your machine’s motors in energy exploration, process control, irrigation, commercial and other applications.

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