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Speciaal aandrijving voor carwash installaties. Compact housing made in Nylon material with high strength This major essential and new feature enables an excellent protection against corrosion and chemical aggression caused by detergents. This solution involves additionally a reduction of weight and overall dimensions, and gives rise in this way to the optimisation of the quality-to-price ratio. Resin coated stator The inner resin coating of the motor allows a perfect insulation of the windings and prevents from the water condensation, which would be largely detrimental to the functionality.

High protection degree

The protection degree IP 66 prevents all possible kinds of entrance of solid or liquid matters into the unit. Hollow output shaft in stainless steel The AISI 304 stainless steel enables an excellent lifetime of the unit, due to both the maximised mechanical strength and the high corrosion protection. Hardware in stainless steel and inner connection pieces in brass This gives rise to high protection against corrosion and oxidation. All these peculiar features, jointed with the usage of a synthetic oil as lubricant, make the new gearbox CW 50 free of the needs of ordinary maintenance.

Performance range of motors available: 0.37 kW, 0.55 kW, 0.75 Kw, 4 poles 50 and 60 Hz Type of service: S3 Intermittent duty Ratios available 11/1, 13/1, 15/1. On request, we will check the possible accomplishment of new ratio's

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