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Customer Specific Optical Components

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When building a lab experiment, the first prototypes or the final product, we are your source for optical components.

Nothing is strange to us!

With our knowledge of the product, we can address all your needs. We will be able to advise you on your optical design, material selection, coatings, surface specifications, etc., to achieve together a better performing component and / or cost savings.
We work together with well-established European suppliers and are able to offer you compatible pricing and delivery time for singles pieces, small series and OEM volumes.

Te Lintelo Systems offers you optical components and assemblies build to your specifications.

The range of products we provide you includes:
•  Plano optics, like; windows, light pipes, filters [colour glass, interference]
• mirrors [flat, spherical, aspherical, ellipsoidal, parabolic, free form]
•  Prisms [Triple, Corner Cubes, Penta, Reflection, Porro, Dove]
•  Beam splitters [polarizing, non-polarizing]
•  Spherical optics; singlets, doublets, triplets, achromats, cylindric
•  Aspherical lenses, ball lenses, rods
•  Toroids
•  Special types [gradient index, arrays, laser optics]
•  Polarizing Optics [Glan-Taylor, Glan-Thomson, Rochon, Wollaston, Brewster, Retardation Plates]
•  Domes
•  Moulded Glass Optics
•  Custom Fiber Optics

We are working with a hugh range of materials, including:
•  optical glass from following manufactures / brands [Schott, Ohara, CDGM, Desag, Pilkington]
•  Fused Silica
•  Crystalline Optics like Quartz, Sapphire and others
•  Metal Optics [Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Steel]

Heb je vragen over dit product?

  • Vragen over prijs, leverbaarheid en/of verkooppunten
  • Vragen over technische specificaties en gebruik
  • Vragen over geschiktheid voor jouw project of toepassing

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