Datalogic Smart-VS™

Datalogic launches Smart-VS™, the unique device with the power of machine learning and the ease of photoelectric sensors


This very innovative device represents a huge benefit for customers, because it accomplishes stable and reliable detection tasks with an unmatched intuitive and fast teach and settings procedure. Exclusive Datalogic Machine Learning Assisted Easy Setup eliminates both the need for specialized training and expertise from installers, technicians or operators, and the lengthy and expensive configurations.

Smart-VS can also be setup and controlled remotely through a user-friendly web server Graphic User Interface (GUI) and a simple Ethernet connection. This GUI provides real time statistics on readings from the production line, and smart functions like job data bank and detection with multiple images.

Smart-VS increases industrial applications productivity and brings a remarkably low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) replacing complex vision sensor systems. Furthermore, its metal sturdy IP67 housing with very compact dimensions allows customers to achieve integrations in the production lines effortless and cost effectively.

Empowered by AI technology, thanks to its customizable machine learning algorithms Smart-VS swiftly identifies the “good” and “not good” detection conditions. Once setup and operating, it will always deliver the same high response rate (a deterministic time of 50 ms), despite variations from the environment, objects, or application factors, which is another exclusive feature on the market. As a matter of fact, Smart-VS has the capability of self-learning the detection task conditions, in order to continue operating flawlessly despite noisy backgrounds, poorly lit environments, low contrast parts, challenging material with high tolerance in object positioning.

Smart-VS finds its greatest use in food & beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics, processing and packaging machinery, bottling lines, and intralogistics. However, its versatility and flexibility make it suitable for various other markets, such as transportation, sorting and handling lines, automotive quality inspection, and automatic assembly of mechanical or electronic parts.

Smart-VS is the perfect solution for all the applications where is needed to check the correct presence/absence of objects, like caps, labels or prints on filling lines for any kind of bottles and flasks. It also enables the proper control of objects orientation, regardless materials, colors, dimensions or formats.

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