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FT-NIR on a chip from NeoSpectra


NeoSpectra ™ sensors are compact and low cost Fourier Transform Near InfraRed (FT-NIR) spectral sensors. They deliver the spectral response of the light absorbed by materials for quantification, qualification or identification.

NeoSpectra’s unique features bring a new perspective to optical spectroscopy. The sensors are constructed from low cost, robust, permanently aligned, and highly reproducible components. The core technology is based on semiconductor fabrication techniques promising unprecedented economies of scale.

What’s inside

  • Breakthrough packaging techniques allow all system components to be packed in a chip-sized module:
  • Optical Head: Mini optical structure for sample illumination and the collection of diffuse reflected light.
  • ASICs: for system control and data processing.
  • Optical Core Module: Monolithic single-chip Michelson interferometer and a single elelement uncooled InGaAs photodetector.

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