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KiTorq rotor Type 4550A... for measuring highly dynamic torques:


- now also available 10kNm

- Now available with Profinet, ProfiBus and Canbus!

· Combinations of various rotors and stators
· Transmission without contact
· High precision
· Maximum dynamics
· Connection dimensions per DIN ISO 7646 (gear flanges)

The KiTorq system is a torque measuring flange system, consisting of the torque measuring unit KiTorq rotor Type 455XA... and the torque evaluation unit KiTorq stator Type 454XA... The rotors and stators of the KiTorq system that have the same speed option can be used in any combination with each other. Using the ordering key, the rotor Type 4550A... can be purchased individually or as a calibrated torque measurement chain, together with a KiTorq stator. The stator automatically detects a change in the rotor and automatically sets the required parameters. All KiTorq rotors capture the torque using strain gages. The signal that they generate is amplified and then processed at approximately 35 kSample. The high scanning rate means that very highly dynamic torques can be measured.


The properties of the KiTorq rotor Type 4550A… make it predestined for applications on stands for testing products, such as electric motors, gearboxes, pumps and combustion engines.

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