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Siltite Metal Ferrules


SilTite ferrules are a unique metal ferrule specifically designed for connecting fused silica GC columns and tubing to mass spectrometer interfaces and injectors.Once fitted, SilTite ferrules provide a continuous leak free connection without the need to re-tighten the nut after a few temperature cycles. SilTite ferrules make Graphite/Vespel® ferrules obsolete for use in GC-MS connections. Their performance and cost effectiveness also makes them ideal for connecting GC columns to injectors and atmospheric detectors Why choose SilTite ferrules?• Eliminates leaks • Never needs re–tightening, even after temperature cycling• Ferrule remains permanently fixed to the column but does not adhere to the SilTite nut• No contamination from Vespel or graphite materials – 100% metal• Ideal for high pressure applications• Also available for injector interfaces• >500°C maximum temperature

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