MagAlpha Magnetic Angle Sensor Family


The ability to detect position or speed is a fundamental requirement in the control and monitoring of many mechanical systems. Slow speed position measurement in applications such as motorized actuators has historically used resistive potentiometers. In high-speed applications such as servo motors, optical encoders have typically been used.

Though potentiometers are inexpensive, they suffer from the drawback of being a moving contact-based assembly, which brings the associated issues of mechanical contact wear and susceptibility to damage from external environmental factors including moisture and dirt ingress. Optical encoders offer high accuracy, but come at a higher price due to the complex nature of their construction. Engineers can solve this dilemma by using contactless rotary magnetic angle sensors that implement Hall-effect sensing.

MagAlpha sensors offer the following benefits:

  • Angle resolutions from 8 to 14 bits, with SPI, ABZ, PWM, and UVW interface options
  • Contactless magnetic sensing for high reliability and long application life
  • Cost-effective, space-saving packages
  • Mechanical flexibility with end or side of shaft magnet support

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