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MSC15 Handheld Spectral Lightmeter

Simple intuitive operation


The compact and user-friendly MSC15 spectral light meter is an inexpensive entry-level light-color-spectral measurement solution for any type of conventional and solid-state light source such as LEDs and OLEDs.

MSC15 Cost Effective Measurement of Lighting Conditions

The hand-held MSC15 spectral light meter is designed for quick and easy light intensity and color evaluation of all types of light sources. As a spectral light meter it is ideally suited for new technology SSL light sources such as LEDs and OLEDs. Spectral measurement capability is necessary for accurate solid state lighting analysis. In addition to illuminance and color coordinates the MSC15 also determines color rendering indices, tristimulus values, color temperature and light spectrum.

Measurement of Effective Photosynthesis Lighting

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of lighting in ​​plant growth, agronomy, greenhouse design and maintenance, Photosynthetically Active Photon Flux Density, PPFD or short PFD radiation is measured. PAR is measured in quantum units of µmol/(m²s) from 400 to 700 nm. The MSC15 spectral measurement method ensures accurate readings regardless of light source type (natural or artificial).

Measurement of Effective Blue Light Irradiation in Neonatal Jaundice Treatment

Newborn jaundice or neonatal hyperbilirubinaemia, a yellowish appearance of the skin and whites of the eyes, can be treated by application of phototherapeutic blue light irradiation of ideally 459 nm (practice: 450-475 nm). In order to minimize the side effects of phototherapy and ensure proper dosimetry, Bilirubin effective irradiance can be measured and adjusted with the MSC15 spectral light meter.

Main Applications

  • Commercial and residential lighting design,  inspection, repair and maintenance of lighting systems
  • Light efficiency planning and implementation through the use of photopic and scotopic luminous efficiency
  • Lighting comfort design and review by taking into account the color temperature and color rendering indices
  • Assessing and monitoring task lighting compliance with government regulations in the workplace
  • Comparison of light sources with different spectral distribution such as sunlight, fluorescent lamps, LEDs & OLEDs
  • Display lighting in restaurants, museums, retail, studios and theaters
  • Lighting design, installation, inspection and repair in greenhouses and in the field
  • Measurement of bilirubin effective blue light irradiation for the treatment of neonatal jaundice

Main Features

  • Inexpensive
  • Compact, light-weight, battery powered and rechargeable
  • Simple intuitive operation via color touch screen
  • Cosine field of view
  • Simple dark current calibration without detector cap
  • Spectral measurement method
  • Photopic and scotopic illuminance and S/P ratio
  • Color temperature with display of color sensation
  • Color rendering indices
  • Effective PAR irradiance

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