OLED High Brightness, Wide Viewing Angle, Wide Temperature Displays


Raystar OLED Graphic display modules are including COG, COB and TAB structures and are available in monochrome colors of White and Yellow, optional for Green, Blue or sky blue (might have MOQ). The resolution options are from 48×64, 64×32, 64×48, 50×16, 96×64, 128×32, 128×64, 128×128 up to 256×64 in the size of 0.49 micro OLED to 5.5 inches. New features products include: A/B/C/D

Raystar Graphic OLED display module is ideal display for consumer and industrial applications such as Audio, Automotive control panels, Medical devices, White goods or Home automation products, Handheld and more.


  • REX012864C-ZIF : 0.96” OLED 128×64 with ZIF FPC
  • REX025664A-ZIF : 2.08 inch 256×64 OLED Display with ZIF FPC
  • REX025664A-Hotbar : 2.08 inch 256×64 OLED Display with Hotbar FPC
  • REA025664A : 2.08″, 256×64 OLED Display COG+PCB

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