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Permanent Magneet Motor IE4 niveau

Synchronous Norm-Motors (1,1 - 2,2 - 4,0 KW)


The Merkes permanent magnet motor series (MPM) combine the basic physical principle of the 'synchronous' motor with basic principles of the three-phase motor:

  • Permanent magnet synchronous motor with a high motor efficiency
  • Based on draft standard EN 60034-31: motor housing and ratings of IE4 norm-motors
  • Suitable for frequency inverters with "Sensorless-Vector-Control" software. This enables extra functionalities:

* Torque Control
* Speed Control
* Partial Positioning
* Programmable acceleration and deceleration ramps
* Speed and power adjustment to current load requiments (for i.e. pumps and fans)

  • Feedback unit is no longer needed as the detection signal of „Sensorless-Vector-Control“ is completely sufficient (in accuracy & bandwidth) for many applications. This leads to space and cost savings.
  • Ventilation on B-side: fan on the shaft accoding to the standard. Motor power increases up to 98 %
  • cos φ up to 0,98 , optimum energy

With the introduction of the IE4 efficiency class (EN 60034-31) a further reduction of energy loss in norm-motors is a must. More energy needs to be 'saved' in the conversion of electrical to mechanical. In the present state asynchronous norm-motors can be replaced by synchronous motors by new materials, existing technical know-how and experience of line production.

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PM (permanent magneet) motoren

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