Sigfox Monarch Module WS2116 Passing Sigfox Verified Certification


Jorjin announced the receiving of the Sigfox Verified certification for WS2116, Sigfox Monarch +BLE module. This unique Sigfox Monarch Module features an inter-continental tracking function for solutions such as asset trackers, pallet trackers, container trackers, trolley trackers, luggage trackers and many other devices such as wearables, security buttons, panic buttons, alert buttons and air quality sensors etc.

WS2116 Sigfox+BLE modules benefit from the market-leading performance and energy efficiency of ST’s BlueNRG-2 BLE System-on-Chip (SoC) and S2-LP sub-1GHz RF transceiver. These advantages have enabled Jorjin’s modules to deliver cutting-edge connectivity and great battery lifetime, with coin-cell-operated or energy-harvesting IoT applications in mind.

As fully programmable devices, Jorjin’s new Sigfox modules exploit the ultra-low power Arm® Cortex®-M0 technology embedded in ST’s BLE SoC with 256KB flash memory to act as independent IoT connectivity nodes. The combination of BLE with Sigfox’s 0G network provides new functions to IoT systems, such as firmware updates over-the-air, which was not possible with conventional ‘Sigfox-only’ modules.


  • STM BlueNRG 2 , S2 LP , sub 1GHz PA, 32 MHz, 50 MHz & 32.768KHz crystals, DC2DC, and RF connector on a single module
  • Stamp hole 54 pin s package
  • Dimension 22 mm(L) x 22 mm(W) x 2. 8 mm(H)
  • High performance, ultra low power Cortex M 0 32 bit Microcontroller
  • Programmable 256 KB Flash
  • 24 KB RAM with retention (two 12 KB banks)
  • Up to +8dBm BLE RF output power, up to +27dBm sub 1GHz RF output power
  • Excellent performance of receiver sensitivity . U p to 8 8 dBm (BLE) and 1 30 dBm (Sub 1GHz)
  • Low Power and Wide I/O Voltage Range : 1.8 to 3. 6 V
    – Internal DC-DC converter built-in
  • Operating temperature range: 40 °C to +85 °C

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