SOM Designed for Light-duty Edge Computing Devices


SD820 SOM is a micro AP module based on Qualcomm’s® cutting edge Snapdragon™ 820 processor. And use the POP LPDDR4 to reduce the PCB area. The cost and time-to-market advantage of SoM will help in Smart Media Devices used Wifi/Bluetooth/GPS wireless connectivity adoption in the world IOT market.

SDW 2500 is a micro AP module based on Qualcomm’s® cutting edge Snapdragon™ Wear 2500(APQ8009W) , PMIC PMW 3100. The SOM’s small size 50.5mm x 14mm with board to board connector, advanced technology, and extensive range of peripherals provide the perfect platform for creating high performance embedded and mobile devices. Long battery-life, with the integrated sensor hub and low power location tracking, is ideal for smart watches, smart glasses, and status tracking for pet/baby care.

SDW 2500 features:

  • Snapdragon™ Wear 2500 (APQ80009W)
  • Qualcomm® Quad-Core ARM Cortex A7 (32-bit) at 1.094GHz
  • Qualcomm® Adreno™ 304 GPU
  • Qualcomm® Modem DSP
  • H.264 BP/MP-720p, 30 fps
  • OS Android 8.1
  • 1GB LPDDR2/3

SD820 features:

  • Snapdragon™ 820 (APQ8096)
  • Qualcomm® Kryo™ CPU, Quad-Core, 64-bit, 2.2GHz
  • Qualcomm® Adreno™ 530 GPU
  • Qualcomm® Hexagon™ 680 DSP
  • Qualcomm® Spectra™ ISP
  • Complete 4K60 entertainment system (4K 60 H.265/VP9 decode with uncompressed 4K display, HDMI 2.0)
  • OS Android 8.1
  • 3GB LPDDR4, 1866 MHZ, supports up to 4G
  • 32GB UFS 2.0, SUPPO

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