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Plan, track and validate drones and flights


When filing the flight plan and registering the flight, this data can be sent as a digital NOTAM to an ATM system. Using a simple point-and-click methodology, amongst others, the pilot can:

Define and visualize the intended flight zone. This does not only apply for a flight today, but also for flights in the future;

Validate a planned flight (am I allowed to fly over there?);

Request additional permission if needed;

File a flight plan (notify other airspace users);

Register the start and the end of the flight;

Monitor the position of the drone in real-time (check for drone compatibility);

Manage the drones; Manage Pilots and their licenses;

Have an overview of planned an ongoing flights;

Keep an extensive logbook. Manage the Drones & Pilots in your Organization

You can add, change and delete drones in the database of your organization. You can also manage pilots & observers, as well as their licenses and supporting documentation.

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