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WMA-200 high voltage amplifier

New product has lowest noise in the industry


Falco Systems presents newest product: the WMA-200 ultra-low noise high voltage amplifier. A high quality, high voltage laboratory amplifier optimized for experiments requiring world-class, ultra-low output noise.


- Ultra-low noise: ~50 μVrms with DC-100kHz; ~20 μVrms with DC-500Hz with load capacitor box

- 20x amplification up to +175V and -175V output voltage (with respect to ground)

- Short-circuit protected 275mA output current

- No overshoot with capacitive loads; bandwidth changes automatically to ensure stability

- 2 inputs; standard BNC connector and differential connector to reject interference

- BNC monitor out connector provides 1:100 replica of the output signal

- Available from stock, in a 230V and 115V version


Typical applications are the use of the WMA-200 amplifier as a high speed, ultra-low noise piezo driver, an amplifier for actuating MEMS devices, or for steering EO-modulators. It enables unprecedented resolution for e.g. nanopositioners, semiconductor test equipment, and in scanning probe microscopy such as AFM or STM.

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Falco Systems
Both the highest speed and lowest noise high voltage amplifiers in the industry are Falco Systems products.
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