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Princeton Instruments Fergie

aberration-free spectrograph!


FERGIE is an integrated, aberration-free spectrograph with a built-in, low-noise, cooled detector.

FERGIE has its own specially designed ecosystem of accessories, including elegant light-coupling CUBES, laser sources, fiberoptics, and beautifully designed software.

The FERGIE compact, imaging spectrograph addresses many spectral ranges with high sensitivity and low noise – all with a footprint smaller then your lab notebook!

A plurality of complex experiments for a wide range of applications can be assembled on top of a desk. For example, a typical Raman spectrum experiment that used to take hours to set up now can be completed in fewer than 90 seconds.

FERGIE compares well with longer focal length, physically larger spectrographs with its spectral resolution at 0.16 nm. Its diffraction limited imaging allows for hyperspectral imaging and multi-channel spectroscopy, with wavelength coverage ranges from 200-1100 nm.

For out of the box experience, FERGIE comes fully loaded with full featured FERGIE software powered by the acclaimed LightField package.

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